UW-Madison Optical Imaging Core (UWOIC) Facility


1111 Highland Avenue
53705 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

Currently, the core offers imaging services on three microscopes systems, (1) a Leica SP8 3X STED Super-resolution microscope, (2) Nikon A1RS confocal microscope, and (3) Leica DMi8 inverted fluorescent microscope. 

Imaging techniques available through the core now include:  Standard fluorescence, Super resolution microscopy, live cell long-term imaging, deconvolution, particle tracking, fluorescence spectral detection, FRET , FRAP, photactivation/uncaging, and calcium imaging.  The Optical Core also includes a small library of labeled secondary antibodies, miscellaneous reagents and mounting mediums.  Investigators can maintain and grow live cells in a culture room equipped with biosafety cabinets and CO2 incubators.

Usage fee for the Leica STED - $30/hr
Usage fee for the Nikon A1 - $30/hr
Usage fee for the Leica widefield microscope - $10/hr

Lance Rodenkirch 

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Lance Rodenkirch
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Location Information
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Rooms 2071-2076 WIMR2
1111 Highland Avenue
53705 Madison , WI

Equipment List

Instrument Namesort ascending Type Scheduling
W1 Yokagowa spinning disk confocal
Nikon Eclipse TE2000 inverted widefield fluorescence
Nikon A1RS Confocal microscope
Nikon A1R Spectral confocal microscope
Leica SP8 3X STED super-resolution microscope Super resolution microsocope