National Magnetic Resonance Facility at Madison


433 Babcock Dr.
53706 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

NIH-funded, shared instrumentation laboratory located in the Biochemistry Department and directed by Professor John Markley. NMRFAM contains nine modern multinuclear NMR spectrometers with field strengths between 400 MHz and 900 MHz equipped for the most demanding multidimensional, multinuclear spectroscopic applications. Cryogenically cooled probes are installed on five of the instruments. Both Bruker and Varian spectrometers are available. Projects focus on structural determinations and development of methods. NMRFAM staff members carry out core research projects and make available to service and collaborative users the techniques and technology developed through these projects.

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Biochemistry Addition
433 Babcock Dr.
53706 Madison , WI