Biophysics Instrumentation Facility


433 Babcock Dr.
53706 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

The Biophysics Instrumentation Facility (BIF) serves researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The fourteen state-of-the-art instruments in the BIF have a common purpose: Each enables users to study the conformation, structure, or complexation of biological and other macromolecules. These interrelated properties are the basis for biological and macromolecular function. Each of the instruments provides distinct information, and the ensemble enables thorough characterization of conformation, structure, and complexation.

Support for the establishment of the BIF was provided by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, grant BIR-9512577 from the National Science Foundation, and grant S10 RR13790 from the National Institutes of Health.

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Darrell R. Caslin
Phone number: 
(608) 262-8074
Location Information
Street Address: 
Biochemistry Building (1985 Section)
433 Babcock Dr. Room B1108
53706 Madison , WI