Rigaku Small-angle X-ray Scattering System XRD

Basic Information
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Small-angle X-ray Scattering System XRD
X-ray diffractometer
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Donald Savage
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Advanced Information
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Types of samples

  • Polymers, biomaterials, fibers, colloids, metals, and liquid crystals
  • Information obtained: Domain size, shape, and distribution.
  • Information is statistically averaged and must be modeled.

Instrument specifications

X-ray source – micro focus Cu Kα sealed tube

With cross coupled multilayer mirrors

• operates at 40 W
• 20 µm by 20 µm source size

Automatic multiple sample scanning capability
Heating and cooling: Linkam temperature stage (single sample only) allows -50C to 300C with 0.5C degree precision. A liquid cell is available.
Sample to detector length: 2 meters
Detector is 2-dimensional multi-wire
with 1024 by 1024 wires over a 6-inch area.

In highest resolution configuration:

Minimum Angle measured – 5.8 x 10 –4 radians
• qmin (Angstroms –1) = 0.0066
• dmax (Angstroms) = 950
• beam size at detector < 1.5 mm