Agilent 4.7T

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Small animal magnetic resonance imaging
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Justin Jeffrey
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Installation of an Agilent 4.7T small animal scanner was completed in April of 2007.  The horizontal bore imaging/spectroscopy system gives us the capability to scan rodents up to 600 grams with an in-plane resolution of 50 microns. The system is also equipped with a rodent isoflurane gas anesthesia system and physiologic monitoring system for image gating.We can scan broadband nuclei including 1H, 31P, 19F and 13C. T1 and T2 anatomical scans are possible as well as the creation of T1, T2 and T2* maps. The system is also capable of functional MRI (EPI), diffusion and diffusion tensor imaging, localized spectroscopy (STEAM and PRESS), chemical-shift imaging, and perfusion imaging with Gd-based contrast agents. These specifications allow investigators to visualize and quantify a variety of moieties and processes including metabolites (NMR spectroscopy), anatomical structures, tumor morphology, blood flow/vessels, fiber pathways, drug effects, brain activity, and heart motion.  In 2008, we became one of only 5 institutions in the US to receive a commercial dynamic nuclear polarization system from GE. This system allows rapid in-vivo investigation of biochemical events enhanced with carbon-13 labeled substrates at enhanced sensitivity levels.