BME 650: Biological Optical Microscopy

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This course will be offered in the Spring semester of even years 2016, 2018, 2020, etc . . .

This course will cover several aspects of state of the art biological and biophysical imaging. We will begin with an overview of geometrical optics and optical and fluorescence microscopy, with an emphasis on instrumentation. The bulk of the course will focus on advanced imaging techniques, including nonlinear optical processes (multi-photon excitation, second harmonic generation, and stimulated Raman processes), as well as emerging super-resolution methods. Special emphasis will be given to current imaging literature and experimental design. Upon completing the course, students should gain fundamental and practical knowledge in designing microscopy experiments. Students should also gain experience in critically reading current literature. Prerequisites: Sr undergrad or grad standing, AND an intro Chem (104 or 109 or 116) AND an intro Physics (104 or 202 or 208). 


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