BME 619: Microscopy of Life

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Note: This course will be offered every Fall semester.

Biological imaging is a vast field ranging from single molecule imaging, electron microscopy, live cell imaging and fluorescence approaches to medical and diagnostic imaging techniques. In this survey class we will review many of the fundamental aspects of biological microscopy and biological and biomedical imaging in general. Students will be exposed to biological imaging research from across the UW and in lab tours take part in imaging and computational demonstrations. It is the goal that at the end of this "Microscopy of Life" course, given a real-research imaging or micro-analytical problem in biology or medicine, a successful student will be able to identify which technique is best suited to answer a variety of biological or physiological questions. The course is designed to be a lead-in for more advanced imaging subject matter courses at the UW such as “BME 601-Special Topics in Biological Microscopy”, “Med Phys 530-Medical Imaging Systems” and “Med Phys 471-Multimodality Molecular Imaging in Living Subjects”.

Topics include:

  • Live cell microscopy and confocal
  • Multiphoton and second harmonic generation
  • Imaging in cancer
  • Biological Electron Microscopy (SEM, cryo, TEM, ET)
  • FRET
  • Bio-inspired optics endoscopes, adaptive optics
  • IR spectromicroscopy
  • Optogenetics and Neuro Stimulation
  • Image Informatics Introduction
  • Optical Mapping
  • MicroPET
  • Micro CT
  • Functional MRI
  • Ultrasound and bioacoustic microscopy


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