Biological & Biomaterials Preparation, Imaging, and Characterization Laboratory (BBPIC)


1675 Observatory Drive
53706 Madison , WI
About the Facility
About the Facility: 

The BBPIC does service work and training in microscopy and preparation methods for members of the UW campus, and for off-campus and industry clients.

The BBPIC can assist clients in:

  • Sectioning(biologial or material samples)
  • Embedding and Fixation(biological samples for TEM or SEM)
  • Staining(biological TEM samples)

Contact Information
Location Information
Street Address: 
Department of Animal Sciences
1675 Observatory Drive Room 1046
53706 Madison , WI

Equipment List

Instrument Namesort descending Type Scheduling
Bal-Tec MED-010 Cryocoater Contact staff
Hitachi S-3200N Scanning electron microscope Contact staff
SeeVac Auto Conductavac IV Sputter coater Contact staff
Tousimis Samdri 780 Critical point dryer Contact staff
VCR IBS/TM200S Ion-beam coater Contact staff
Zeiss 200M Axiovert Spinning disk inverted confocal microscope